The Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

The Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

The end of the year always brings a mix of feelings for all of us. As the new year’s eve approaches we begin to imagine all the surprises that the new year will bring in. We all start our planning and personal organization for the first months of the coming year.

For all these reasons, anxiety and nervousness are often experienced by various couples. After all, it is a time of many surprises, preparations, and uncertainties. But, to contain these feelings a little, we can resort to astrology and Tarot cards, which help us to understand what is to come, in order to prepare ourselves in the best way.

Then, below, you will find the main points that the Tarot reading reveals about the year of each zodiac sign. Just look for your sign’s predictions to find out what 2021 has in store for your life!

The Tarot for Aries 

The beginning of 2021 will be a little difficult for Arians. The first few months will only be surrender, because the Aries natives will feel the need to help others and, consequently, they will leave their own needs aside. You need to be calm, because this period will pass; and then the Aries will be rewarded with happy and joyful moments. Get ready for many surprises and news in 2021! After all, everyone deserves good rewards for doing good, right?

So also, do not forget, to listen to those who love you. Real advice from people who care about you should be used to move yourself forward. And speaking of people who love you, leave your heart open in the year to come. If you can leave the search for the perfect person aside, you may be surprised by the happiness you can feel while being beside someone who, even full of defects, will make you very happy. Do not look for someone perfect, but someone who, among their imperfections, fits perfectly in your life.

The Tarot for Taurus

2021 is a year of definitions for your life, Taurean. Take advantage of the natural enthusiasm of the first weeks of January to put goals on paper and set smaller goals to reach your bigger goals - so you don’t get lost in the middle. And speaking of the beginning of the year, the first months tend to be more sad and nostalgic for you. Do not surrender to the longing for what has already happened. Ball forward! You have to move to make life move, so don’t waste time suffering for everything that no longer exists in your life.

And if you want reasons to get excited, here it goes: 2021 promises to be a hot year for you. Many passions will arise! And then it’s up to you to decide whether you want to dedicate yourself to lasting love or passing passions - both options will be up for you. What will also be on the rise will be your professional career. If you dedicate yourself and earn it, 2021 will be a year of great professional growth in your life.

The Tarot for Gemini

What a year awaits you, Gemini! 2021 will be absolutely prosperous for the natives of the sign of Gemini, especially for those who bet on their lucky number in this year, which will be number 4. So, you already know: whatever you are going to do, think about how to relate to number 4. In addition, 2021 will be a year of great love and affection for Geminis seeking a new relationship or for those who want to further elevate love in existing relationships. Give yourself to whoever makes you really happy!

Love is the most prominent field in your life in the coming year, Gemini; but the other aspects will also be prosperous - such as family, work and personal achievements. You are doing well and everything you do will be successful, as long as you plan everything well and don’t do things without thinking them through. Remember, too, not to spend more than you can afford. One step at a time, natives of Gemini!

The Tarot for Cancer

2021 will be an intense year for Cancerians, who will have to face an arduous phase of self-knowledge, maturity, and personal growth in order to continue growing in life. So, in fact, the time has come to put immaturity aside. Grow up to finally be able to appear as someone who knows how to manage very well without depending on other people to do their basic activities and daily needs.

Take advantage of the first months of the year to do the famous “general cleaning” in life, and eliminate all that is left - both things and people and whatever is weighing you down. Do you have things accumulated at home? Look coldly at each item; anything that hasn’t been used in the past two months can easily be discarded. In relation to people, discard all those that don’t do you good, because you don’t really need them. Take advantage of the space that will appear in your home (and in your life) to dedicate yourself to something new, be it a hobby, a physical activity, a profession or even a new place to live.

The Tarot for Leo

2021 will be quite a year for Leo natives, who will have their own brighter light than they normally are. Family affection and love will be on the rise, so Leo, don’t be surprised if you spend more time at home during the year to come. Besides being very tasty, it is good to spend more time with the family!

There will also be an important energetic change for the natives of the sign of Leo, who will feel more prepared to pay attention to others, instead of wanting to be the center of attention all the time. Take advantage of this energy to listen to the people around you, especially your loving partner, who will be very important for your balance during 2021. Besides, get ready for a lot of maturity, love, and work!

The Tarot for Virgo

2017 was a difficult year for you, Virgo natives. So perfectionist and thorough, you have not been able to dedicate yourself as you would like to many things. But 2021 is the year of a new beginning, a transformation and a turning point for you. No more watching life go by. Dedicate yourself to the maximum and show what you came into the world for. 2021 can be your year, you just need to dedicate a lot.

And don’t forget that dedicating yourself to plans and objectives is always synonymous with dedicating yourself to health in the same proportion. Your health has been on the sidelines lately, don’t allow it to continue the same way. Take care and feel the benefits! Also, take advantage of your intuition, which will be in full swing in the year to come. Believe in your intuition that you will be pointing in the right direction most of the time.

The Tarot for Libra

2021 will be a year in which Libras will seek the true essence of the sign: the scale, that is, balance. They will try to be more clear, certain, and sensible in every decision made. In other words, Libra natives will be much more mature and evolved beings in 2021, and will also understand that nothing comes with a kiss.

The time has come to fight even harder, to achieve dreams and goals. Sweat brings conquests, Libra! Speaking of achievements, you, a native of Libra, will celebrate every achievement and genuine moment of 2021, no matter how small - from a lunch with a family member to a great professional promotion. It doesn’t matter the size of what is happening; for you, it will be wonderful and intense in the same way. There will be a lot of intensity (and at good things!). It will be so in love too, so get ready!

The Tarot for Scorpio

Scorpios will be presented with interesting achievements in 2021, the fruit of hard work and good ideas that they will have during the first months of the year - in other words, don’t let your creativity go! Write down all your ideas and put into practice the ones you feel will be most successful.

The novelty letter was turned to Scorpios, but beware: good or bad news can happen. So, keep your life well organized and controlled so that nothing destabilizes you. And if it is good news, just enjoy the best of each one! Absolute attention with love in 2021: master your explosive side so as not to deeply hurt those who love you so much.

The Tarot for Sagittarius

For Sagittarians, 2021 will be a year of great prosperity and gains, especially with regard to money and material goods. All this will be the result of the professional levers that are to come next year, which will be the result of talents that the Sagittarius decided to put to play. But, you need to find your balance between anxiety and your responsibility, otherwise you will live on the edge of the explosion.

Dedicate yourself as much as you can, but be patient in the same proportion. Everything that has to be yours will be at the right time. You can download some of the anxiety in leisure programs, which will be on the rise for you, Sagittarius, in 2021! Have a lot of fun and venture out on new tours during weekends. You deserve it!

The Tarot for Capricorn

Capricorns will have their honesty at the highest level in 2021. So they will be true in every way. They will show who they really are to their friends (and the real ones will stay by their side). They will be honest with their loving partner, instead of brooding over small everyday things that can become snowballs up front. They will also be honest in things related to work. They should avoid the pitfall of compulsively focusing only on unattainable goals. If they don’t they will be losing the whole process, and the opportunity to rejoice with each day and stage of professional development.
Sincerity and honesty already make life lighter and more truthful, but there is much more lightness for the year 2021: Capricorns want to laugh and smile, so fun events, happy walks with pleasant companies, and many jokes will happen next year for Capricorns!

The Tarot for Aquarius

Reading the Tarot cards shows a lot of light in 2021 for Aquarians. So, it’s your time to shine and believe in you, natives of Aquarius! Take advantage of this good energy in your favor, showing your skills and pretensions, besides taking even more care of yourself to be more and more beautiful (inside and out). Take the opportunity to study hard too!

And what will also be shining will be your feelings, that is, you will spend the months of 2021 feeling more sensitive and sentimental. What is not necessarily good or bad - it all depends on you. Regarding love, the tarot says it’s only worth being in a relationship that makes you lighter. Love must be a complement to your happiness and also to your light! If you are in a relationship that makes you more opaque, rather than brilliant, get out!

The Tarot for Pisces

2021 will be a year of many benefits and joys for the natives of the sign of Pisces, who will be able to get the best out of each situation, no matter how small it may be or how bad it may seem. And this is very good! Seeing the good in everything, regardless of what it is, shows maturity and lightness in the soul - it’s that old story of the glass half full or half empty.

Regarding love, it’s advised to stay very calm at the time. This is no time to give your heart away on a tray, as many will be able to take advantage of it. Don’t be fooled by love at first sight! You have to know someone very well before opening the doors to your most valuable asset: your heart. When it comes to work, you will feel very pressured and stressed during 2021, Pisces. So, it’s time to stop for a few minutes to think of professional alternatives that make you happier. Your intuition will be geared towards entrepreneurship in 2021, so don’t be afraid to change!

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