Everything You Need To Know About Tarot Consultations

Everything You Need To Know About Tarot Consultations

If you think that Truco is a card game complicated to get into your head, leave it a little aside, as the Tarot - or Tarot - is much more interesting than you think. The only difference between the other conventional card games is that they must be played alone and interpreted for your life according to each card. Shall we understand better? Below you can check some curiosities:

1. Origin

Created in Europe, the Tarot has 78 cards, 22 cards more than the traditional deck. They are divided between 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana and still have 16 pieces of Clubs, Hearts, Swords, and Diamonds.

2. Objectives

In medieval times there were no Tarot cards. The drawings were printed on wooden boards and had the same goals as the traditional ones today. Gypsies and wizards carried out work at fairs and pilgrimages to predict the future of those interested.

3. Popularity

The people of England and Spain believe that Tarot has become more popular than Poker itself, one of the most famous and popular games with young people and adults in Brazil.

4. Interpretation

Anyone can interpret a Tarot, but taking a course on it can help you even more. Several texts on the internet explain the many interpretations of the deck. It is interesting to go deeper in reading so as not to decipher wrongly.

5. Types of Tarot

The most famous and popular Tarot in the world is that of Marseille. With a representation of simple images, the cards have the power to discover secrets of our unconscious and also serves to have more self-knowledge about us

6. Veracity

At the beginning of the Tarot story, people believed that everything was a lie so that Gypsies could earn money by interpreting the cards for a group of people at fairs and festivals. Over time, research has proven that the letters, stories, and interpretations are accurate.

7. Interpretation

The Tarot does not oblige us to do anything, especially if you did not like it or if you were not interested in the paths that the tarot reader took from the letters.

8. Consultation

If you do not have the cards in hand or do not have easy physical access, you can also consult them online. Most people go to astrology websites and end up interpreting the mysticism that each card represents from the signs.

9. Tarologist

Whenever you want to consult your past, present, and future in Tarot cards, know who to look for! As much as the research proves that the cards never make mistakes, many “smart guys” use these methods to make up stories and, mainly, make money. So, first of all, know the place where you will look for interpretations or have some references from friends and family who know a little more about the subject.

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